American Music Awards 2016
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American Music Awards 2016: Selena Gomez’s Emotional Speech [Watch]

The American Music Awards 2016 saw Selena Gomez winning the favorite pop/rock artist award. Gomez, however, made a touching and emotional speech while accepting the award. The 24-year-old star came clean about her own mental battles.

The American Music Awards 2016 had Selena Gomez honestly talking about her emotional struggles. Gomez was almost near tears when making this intensely personal acceptance speech. This was her first public appearance officially after she went to rehab in August. This acceptance speech had Gomez almost breaking down in front of the crowd.

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Gomez had to check into rehab for several mental health issues. The American Music Awards 2016 speech is a soul stirring one. Daily News reports how Gomez talked of being “100 percent honest” with everyone in the year 2014 on this stage. Gomez was clear about how many people know a lot of things about her whether she “liked it or not”.

What Gomez Also Said 

She also talked of being “broken inside” and keeping it all together as much as possible. Gomez never wanted to let her audience down. However, keeping it together “too much” caused an automatic mental breakdown. She confirmed this as “where I let myself down”.

Gomez also dissuaded her fans from showing their bodies on media platforms like Instagram. She talked about how she does not care for any social media based validation. She dedicated her award to her legion of fans. She confirmed that “I care about people” and this is something “you should know about me”.

Gomez reportedly canceled several Revival world tour dates to seek help urgently for depression and anxiety. Gomez found support from Lady Gaga, Camila Cabello, and Colton Hayes. E News reports of how Gomez emphasized on the heart above all else. You can watch this heartwarming speech here at E News.

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