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The Vampires Diaries Season 8 Episode 5 Spoilers: Find Out What will Stefan Do to Save Damon

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 has been tantalizing viewers with its storyline. The latest episode 5 spoilers reveal that Stefan will not give up on Damon. Stefan will be saving Damon from being killed.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 updates report that Damon will still be controlled by Sybil. He will want to kill his brother Stefan. However, he will also want to kill Carolina, Alaric and Bonnie. Friends at the Mystic Falls will not be safe from Damon’s wrath. Bonnie and Caroline will confide in each other about the former’s relationship with Enzo.

Enzo will also do the same with Damon as per Game N Guide. Stefan and Sybil will have a long talk. Sybil will reveal more about Seline, her long lost sister. She will talk about how Seline uses her powers for evil. She will clarify that her powers are used only for good purposes.

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Seline’s identity will soon be known on the show. She will be showcased as Satan’s servant with cannibalistic tendencies. She will be the nanny of Caroline and Alaric’s twins. Seline will continue to support and nurture the twins.

Parent Herald also reports that Stefan will not give up on Damon. Damon has already killed Tyler Lockwood. Lockwood is the wolf buddy of Matt. Lockwood’s remains will be buried in the forest. The forest will have more bodies than trees.

What Will Stefan Do? 

Stefan will clearly see Damon taking the path of destruction. He will make a pivotal decision to save Damon. Stefan will want to redeem and stop his brother from the Siren’s manipulations. He will want to dispatch Damon back to his coffin.

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Damon will come at Tyler’s funeral with four more graves. Here is where he will bury Alaric, Caroline, Matt and Stephen. Damon will then feed his blood to Matt and joke about the latter turning into a vampire.

Stefan will find assistance from Caroline. They will together capture Damon and put him in the coffin. Fans are waiting with bated breath to learn more about the future consequences of this decision.

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