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Tekken 7: New Trailer Hints Massive Revelation, Major Death

Tekken fans may witness an end of an era. A new gameplay trailer for Tekken 7 reveals quite the ominous finale for the Devil Gene saga. Will there be death?

Bandai Namco officially releases a new gameplay trailer for Tekken 7. This was something fans have been waiting for quite a long time, given that it has a slate of new features. This is especially when Street Fighter‘s Akuma finally makes an entrance in the series.

Interestingly, its new gameplay trailer comes with cinematic spiels about the game’s overarching story.

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According to the YouTube trailer, there will be common fighters players will love. Nina Williams and other combatants are preparing for battle with their new outfits. Fan-favorite Miguel Caballero Rojo will also be arriving as a character in the new installment.

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Tekken 7: The End of an Era?

Long-running games such as Street Fighter and Soul Calibur tend to have a problem with its narrative. However, it appears Tekken is just getting started with its story. Players are already aware that Kazuya Mishima – now unlocking the full potential of his Devil Gene – is out to decimate his son, Jin Kazama.

However, in the background, it appears more shadowy forces are in play. Heihachi faces Street Fighter‘s Akuma, who serves as the guardian of Kazumi Mishima. Kazumi is Heihachi’s wife, and possibly the original possessor of the Devil Gene.

It appears Akuma is out to kill Heihaci for reasons unknown. However, fans are well-aware that this title may settle the Devil Gene saga once and for all. But what is in store for Tekken after that?

The game will have an early release for the PC. However, fans with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also get the game soon. Regardless, the new developments are good moves in the part of Bandai Namco to get players back in arcades.

Sadly, the game will not have cross-platform play. Director Katsuhiro Harada said that first-party company policies and potential security risks play a part in this restriction.

Tekken 7 will have a 2017 release for the PC, Xbox On eand PlayStation 4.

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