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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Choose a Starter Pokemon

Any trainer who wants to be the best may already want a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to help them in their journey. Firstly, which starter should I choose? 

It may be hard enough to have two separate versions of the game. However, with new features such as Z-Moves, Alolan Forms and another hundred new Pokemon, it’s much more difficult to master the Pokemon game.

Additionally, the arrival of the Ultra Beasts and new gameplay features promise a lengthy experience. However, while a lot of trainers already know they will spend an ample amount of time catching, something is missing.

After all, a start Pokemon is just as important as any element in a journey. This determines just how easy – or difficult – future battles could be.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: New Region, New Starters

However, Game Rant offers quite the substantial Pokemon Sun and Moon guide on the subject. In fact, it may have good suggestions on starters depending on your preference.

The owl Rowlett has perhaps one of the more popular design of the three. It’s a good starting Pokemon, especially in the beginning stages. As a Grass/Flying type, it has considerable advantages over Grass, Bug, Water, Rock and Fighting types. Razor Leaf and Peck also offers a lot of firepower.

Players have to remember that once it turns into Decidueye by level 34, it transforms into a Grass/Ghost type. This adds quite the deadly arsenal with Leaf Blade, Brave Bird and Spirit Shackle.

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Litten is the fiery Fire type of the three. It already has quite the powerful set of attacks on the get-go, and is the ideal type for speed runs. Incineroar, its final evolution, is a Fire/Dark Type and becomes a deadly wrestler. Cross Chop, Flare Blitz and Outrage provides heavy hits for its already solid HP. However, be wary of its low speed.

Lastly, goofy-looking Popplio has a lot of redeeming qualities. This is especially for its swan song as a Water/Fairy type. It becomes valuable especially since a lot of Dragon-types inhabit Alola.

Hydro Pump and Moonblast from Primarina (its final evolution) make it a good support Pokemon. It also has good HP and Special Attack and Defense attributes to secure the competition.

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