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Pokemon GO Update: Shiny Pokemon to Arrive Soon

The latest Pokemon GO update arrived over the weekend to make some major changes to game! Or at least, potentially make some major changes to the game.

The official release notes for the latest version only contain these two notes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Egg-hatching cutscene animation would sometimes be briefly visible from the map view.
  • Minor text fixes.

Which is pretty underwhelming all things considered.

But as the saying goes, it is often what is left unsaid that leaves the most impact.

The folks over at The Silph Road dug a little bit deeper into the update and noticed some interesting changes to the code. And according to the code, Ditto and Shiny Pokemon might be coming to Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO Update Has Ditto and Shiny Pokemon in Code

The first thing that The Silph Road noticed in the new update is that Ditto might be in the game already — though nothing is confirmed.

The new update added code that allows players to encounter Ditto, but is uncertain if this is enabled yet. In addition to that, there’s also code that allows the use of the shape shifting Pokemon in battle. It also added some sound and graphic files for the Pokemon.

As of now there’s no confirmation if all this information is just to ready Ditto for release, or if it’s already out in the wild.

The other change seems to be creating the base for Shiny Pokemon to one day be in the game.

The Silph Road reports that, for the first time, the words “shiny” and “rare” appear in the APK. In addition to that, they found an audio file that plays when players capture a “rare” Pokemon. Likewise, they found several new lines of code that segregates materials (specifications for how surfaces appear) between “default” and “shiny.”

However, despite all these there are no new sprites anywhere in the game. What this most likely means is that, all the previously mentioned changes are potentially to set up the ground work for the future implementation of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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