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PlayStation Black Friday 2016: Sony Confirms Exciting Deals on PS4, PS3, PS Vita Titles

The Black Friday 2016 weekend is just around that corner and every outlet is flaunting their sales to try and get your attention. And of course that includes Sony themselves as well, though their means of advertising is a bit different from others.

Over the weekend, PlayStation EU uploaded a teaser for their upcoming Black Friday sale. But where most outlets would try to gain your interest by showing what deals they’ll have, Sony decided to take a different route. Just check it out for yourself.

… Yeah.

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PSN Black Friday 2016 Sale

So the ad in question is, well, questionable. Instead of showing what they plan to put on sale, Sony opted to spend about 20 seconds showing people in slow motion making faces in front of a giant fan. It then ends with the statement “Play it cool this Black Friday” as well as discounts of up to 60% during their sale.

And people didn’t really appreciate the ad for, honestly, saying absolutely nothing about the sale — not even a start date. As it stands right now, the video has over 1,500 dislikes, more than double the number of likes it has. Showing just how disappointed fans are at the ad.

But worry not, as reported by PowerUpGamingUK, Sony sent out an email to promote their upcoming sale. And according to the email, the sale will start on November 24 and will end on November 28.

As the video presents at the end, people can go to PlayStation’s official website in order to sign-up so that they’re notified when the sale starts.

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What to Expect

As previously mentioned, the video doesn’t really tell us anything about the upcoming sale. The only real information we got is that games will receive an, at most, 60% discount from their base price. But we can get an idea of what to expect by looking at what Sony has done prior.

In last year’s sale, Sony had over 100 games go on discount for the PS4, PS4, and the Vita. So fans should expect something similar to that this year again.

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