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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Reportedly Releasing in April Next Year with Android, iOS Apps Support

The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 launch is set to be a gala affair. The Surface Phone is eagerly awaited by fans all across the globe. The phone is expected to get cutting edge design and features. It is expected to impact the global smartphone industry hugely.

The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is the subject of huge speculation at present. HNGN reports that the smartphone may have the best features and specifications in the industry. Microsoft has already tasted success with its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. However, the release of the phone is what will help Microsoft capture a bigger market.

The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 launch could be as early as the month of April as per sources. The company, however, has issued recent statements that it is not focusing on the phone yet. However, experts remain steadfast in their predictions for an early launch next year.

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The Surface Phone will get 8 GB of RAM and internal memory of 512 GB as per expectations. It should have the Intel Kaby Lake processor and fingerprint scanner integrated into the AMOLED display unit. This will offer 1440 x 2560 in terms of overall resolution. This will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8.

When Will It Release? 

There will also be a 20 megapixel Carl Zeiss back camera. The smartphone is also expected to have three size based variants. A Type C USB port may also be fitted into the smartphone. The release date has not been fixed yet. However, it may hit global markets next year.

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The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is expected to be the gold standard for Windows based smartphones. It should possess an impressive set of features and flaunt an impeccable design. At the moment, fans are awaiting the release of this new behemoth excitedly. It should definitely be a major hit for Microsoft.

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