Dishonored 2 Custom Difficulty

Dishonored 2 Free Update to Bring New Game Plus Mode, Custom Difficulty

People have been talking about Dishonored 2 ever since it first came out a few weeks ago. Despite a few technical hiccups, the game received universal acclaim across several outlets.

And now as we approach the second week since the game’s release, Arkane Studios announced that they’re working on a free update for the game. And this new update will include some interesting new features.

Dishonored 2 Update in the Works

According to this post on Bethesda’s official site, Dishonored 2 will receive a free update next month that contains a New Game+ mode as well as new custom difficulty settings.

While they did not give any details on either new feature, we can speculate on what exactly they might be.

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With regards to the New Game+, the easiest answer would be that anything you’ve unlocked in your last playthrough (powers, upgrades, equipment) will be available from the very beginning in NG+. That being said, Dishonored 2 has a bit of a caveat. The game has two playable characters.

If the New Game+ mode was as simple as a carry over of all upgrades and unlocks then that implies that, to use this feature, one would have to play through the game again as the same character.

So what if instead of just a simple carry over, New Game+ actually allowed Corvo or Emily access to the other character’s powers?

Reddit user lambac0re made this post on the Dishonored subreddit. The post shows that the game does allow Corvo or Emily to use the other person’s abilities. It would be interesting to see if the official New Game+ can support a similar function.

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Custom Difficulty Settings

For the custom difficulty settings, we also have no information on what it could involve. Some guesses could involve fine tuning the enemy AI — how much damage they do, how easily they can find the player, and how good they are at fighting.

However, a more interesting implementation would be the ability to enable handicaps for the player.

The latest Thief game had a difficulty system wherein the player could toggle modifiers to make the game more difficult. It would be cool if Dishonored adds a similar system to make each playthrough feel more varied and unique.

Well we’ll just have to wait and see what Arkane has in store for us with these new features in the coming month.

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