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Wentworth Season 5 Spoilers, Predictions: Know Whether Bea Smith Will Return; What Will Be Liam Hemsworth’s Role

Wentworth Season 5 spoilers are making fans pretty excited indeed! Bea Smith may possibly return to the show which is a major draw. Additionally, there is huge speculation about Liam Hemsworth’s role in the show.

Wentworth Season 5 spoilers reveal that Bea Smith may return to the show. Game N Guide reports that Danielle Cormack may reprise her popular character. Many fans are still hopeful about Bea Smith remaining alive. Many believe that she has somehow survived the dreadful stabbings.

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Wentworth Season 5 rumors have revealed executive producer Jo Porter talking about Smith’s death. Porter has clarified that the decision to kill Bea Smith was really tough. This points to the sheer love that fans possess for this character. However, this may be a direct indication of the fact that she is really dead and may not be coming back.

Yet other sources state that Bea Smith may actually return. There have been instances where rumors have circulated about major characters dying. However, characters like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones have returned later. The same may happen for Bea Smith.

Some Other Updates

Based on the Prisoner series (source for Wentworth), Bea Smith lives until an advanced age. This is keeping fans hopeful of her return. She might also be shown through flashbacks. This might be a way to connect with fans in spite of keeping her dead.

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University Herald reports that there is huge curiosity regarding Liam Hemsworth’s role. Many are suggesting that he may play a warden. He will be based at the Wentworth Correctional Facility. Hemsworth might have only a cameo as per some sources. Others, however, are suggesting that he may take on a major role.

The actor’s fans are waiting eagerly for his appearance on the show. Viewers will be waiting for his appearance with bated breath.

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