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Watch Dogs 2 Guide: 11 Hidden Clothes Locations Revealed

The arrival of Watch Dogs 2 gave a new impression on hacktivism and Big Data. However, what better way to exact electronic justice but with style?

Watch Dogs 2 has offered players a new environment to explore. They can now tour across Detroit on a lot of vehicles, do various missions and mini-games, and be immersed in an entirely new culture. The updated gameplay also gained praise from a lot of critics, saying this is loads better than its predecessor.

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However, one of the most iconic additions to the game is the option of an updated wardrobe. Now it seems Marcus Halloway and his friends can do their hacking missions with updated garments.

Watch Dogs 2 has a lot of garment stores available all across the city for new clothes. Some of these are even awarded from missions. However, the really good-looking ones are those found in hidden locations. Game Pur offers a bit of advice on how to get them and wear the best of the best while exacting justice.

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Watch Dogs 2: Hacking with Style

Marlin: You can get a long-sleeve t-shirt with a Lombard top at the northwest tree house on the porch.

Oakland: Uptown Oakland will grant access to a short-sleeve t-shirt Chinatown top. You have to deal with guards and their robot in order to get this. Meanwhile, cap legs are found in Downtown Oakland to the entrance of an eatery.

San Francisco: Main town San Francisco has the most number of limited wears. You can get the Cap Lake Merritt in a restricted area where five gang members are assembled in Colt Tower. In Embarcadero, a sweater fisherman’s wharf is on top of a building.

In Civic Center, there’s a cable car mask on the rooftop patio. Meanwhile, Mission Delores Park has both Cap Oakland and a sleeveless t-shirt foggy. They could be found by raising a pallet using a forklift and near a container.

Printed Ladies has a saucy mask found at the rooftop of the building. In the San Bruno Mountain, there’s a t-shirt skyline surrounded by gang members on the beach.

Lastly, Alcatraz has a Castro mask in the area filled with opponents. Lastly, a Twin Peaks mask is also near a tall concrete pillar in the area.

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