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Watch Dogs 2 DLC May Bring Aiden Pearce

Watch Dogs 2 fans will find a delightful Easter egg in the form of Aiden Pearce. The protagonist of the previous game makes a cameo in the sequel.

The hype with Watch Dogs 2 will not be ending anytime soon. Critics have been praising the game across the board for its innovative mechanics and immersive world. However, even if there has been a negative reception of the first game, Watch Dogs 2 continues its legacy.

Aiden Pearce makes a special cameo in a video that asks fans to continue his crusade. It will be remembered that Pearce saw his niece being killed, which motivated him to become a hacker.

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The ending of the first game left an open door for Pearce to continue his efforts. Now Watch Dogs 2, with a new set of protagonists, has confirmed this fact.

Players can take on a mission where a handful of bodies are found and a recording tells them Pearce is related to the killings. Pearce, now in prison, will escape the facility with the help of the player.


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Watch Dogs 2: A Hard Fight for Big Data

The mission only becomes available after chatting with someone in one of the game’s many points of interest. This means while it may not be part of the main story, it reaffirms the Watch Dogs mythos.

The first game did not have good reception due to Pearce’s rather grayish, “dense” personality. However, given that the new game is starting to “reform” the images of hackers into free-spirited individuals, there may be some hope.

Ubisoft may even spice things up if they include Aiden Pearce in a new DLC. Players may have to take him down as a new opponent, or even help him every now and then. It may be helpful to have someone from the previous game appear in the new one to “bolster” the mythology of the series.

Sadly, any news about an Aiden Pearce appearance anywhere else is unavailable.

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