Rick & Morty Season 3

Rick & Morty Season 3 Premiere Date Reportedly Nearing; Air Date Speculated in Next Month

Rick & Morty Season 3 will get its premiere sometime soon as per rumors. There are rumors of a premiere date as early as December 2016 itself. The season is expected to come back earlier than the previous date.

University Herald reports that the season could return next month. It is expected to premiere on Cartoon Network Adult Swim. Eager fans of the series are waiting for the premiere of Rick & Morty Season 3. Co-creator Dan Harmon revealed a few things at the Magic City Comic Con.

He confirmed that there would be more episodes. This virtually confirms Rick & Morty Season 3. Also, there are reports of the season having 14 episodes in all. This is supposed to be unveiled by December 2016 itself.

Harmon has called Rick & Morty Season 3 as the “most epic” yet. There were previous rumors of the season being canceled. However, the animation for the series is already at an advanced stage. On the other hand, fans are still doubting whether the next half can be pulled off before December.

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Some parents have been worried about the content of the series being unsuitable for children. This sparked cancellation rumors. However, the strong ratings and popularity of the show are beyond doubt. According to reports, these have pulled things in its favor.

What Harmon Also Said 

The creator has also promised that only a few episodes will be necessary for solving Season 2’s cliffhanger. The writer of the show, Erica Rosbe, has already confirmed that writing is over for the season. However, the animation procedure has been chugging along at a snail’s pace.

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Inquisitr has also reported Rosbe saying that the season would be confirmed in just a few weeks. But she took to Twitter soon after, saying that no official date was confirmed yet. This has also sparked rumors of a possible delay in airing the season.

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