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Pokemon GO December 2016 Update to Bring Player vs Player Battles, Pokemon Trading, More

Pokemon fans are slowly becoming closer to being the best. A massive December update may finally bring most-awaited features to Pokemon GO.

The game’s hype remains unmatched as it starts to regain its number one ranking in app stores. Pokemon GO is doing this by gradually updating its host of features for players to enjoy.

Of course with Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s release, there are news and rumors about the arrival of other features – and even new Pokemon – as well.

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Game N Guide reveals that they may be big changes this December. A huge patch may finally bring the much-awaited PvP battle system and baby Pokemon. As to how baby Pokemon changes the dynamics of eggs, we still have no idea.

Of course, “baby” Pokemon may just pertain to the previous evolutions of other iconic Pokemon who were previously thought to have none. Instances include Pichu for Pikachu, Cleffa for Clefairy, or Igglybuff for Jigglypuff.

Currently, the addition of daily and weekly quests have gotten a lot of players back into the Pokemon hype. However, others still remain skeptical about its potential to bring back new gamers and old players.

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Pokemon GO: Legendaries Abound?

However, perhaps the most interesting features added will be Pokemon trading and Generation 2 Pokemon. Meanwhile, data from Legendaries such as Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos are already found within the game code.

Not only that, but data from Generation 2 Pokemon are also leaked in various Pokemon forums. This means December is just a good time as any to finally reveal a Legendary Pokemon.

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