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NBA Trade Rumors: Ricky Rubio Wants to Join Cavaliers, Kings, Vents His Frustration with Wolves

NBA Trade Rumors are flying thick and fast about Ricky Rubio wanting to leave the Wolves. Rubio may shift to the Sacramento Kings or Cleveland Cavaliers. He has also expressed his sheer frustration with his team’s overall performance.

NBA Trade Rumors hint at Ricky Rubio demanding a trade to either the Kings or Cavs. Sportsrageous reports that the Timberwolves are still struggling this season. Rubio has reportedly stated earlier that the Wolves are “not learning. It’s time to change.”

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Rubio is reportedly demanding a trade before the deadline ends in February. The Timberwolves are presently lined up at number 13 in the Western Conference. Rubio also talked about not knowing “what it is” with regard to the Wolves’ dismal performance. He also shared how “it’s not fun” anymore.

Possible Trades for Rubio

The Sacramento Kings are reportedly interested in Rubio. He may be a good foil to DeMarcus Cousins. Rubio might help the Kings improve their performances this season. There are rumors that they might trade Rudy Gay to the Timberwolves in exchange for Rubio.

The Cleveland Cavaliers also require a backup point guard. The coach has already spoken of how a better player is being sought to fill up this position. The Cavaliers may be high on Rubio’s wish list as well. However, the Timberwolves may ask for Iman Shumpert in exchange. This may not be acceptable to the Cavaliers. The Timberwolves may also take a package deal of Mo Williams and Jordan McRae.

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Ricky Rubio reportedly wants to join Cleveland as per rumors. However, there are no official details yet. The Sacramento Kings may join the bandwagon with a tempting offer. The Timberwolves may also look to wait for a little before selling Rubio.

It is, however, clear that Rubio wants to go to a team where he can win laurels. Considering this scenario, the Cleveland Cavs do make for the best bet.

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