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Michael Schumacher Latest News: Schumi’s Facebook, Instagram Accounts Now Active; Speculated to be Recovering

Michael Schumacher latest news updates point at the legend recovering speedily. It seems that Schumacher’s team activated his Instagram and Facebook accounts. This may hint at the racing icon recovering pretty fast.

Michael Schumacher latest news updates are very encouraging indeed. Schumacher continues to be personally treated for the injuries from his skiing accident. However, his Instagram and Facebook accounts are active at present.

Mail Online has reported that Schumacher has been showing positive signs of recovery. He earlier suffered serious head injuries during his skiing accident in the French Alps. This accident took place in the year 2013. Schumacher’s profiles have now come up on both Instagram and Facebook.

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Michael Schumacher latest news reports say that they can see “encouraging signs” with regard to a final recovery. These two online profiles have also been showcasing the fabulous career enjoyed by Schumacher in the past.

What These Online Accounts Reveal?

Quite poignantly, the caption on the Facebook account states “keep fighting, never give up.” The publicity team of Schumacher opened these accounts. The administrators also welcome everyone to “share memories.” They also billed Facebook page as a “meeting place” for exchanging and collecting memories of Michael’s accomplishments. There is also a chance that they will celebrate the anniversary of the first world championship won by Schumacher as well.

1.5 million people have already liked the page. The page has moments from when Schumacher won his first F1 title in 1994. Ex-Ferrari technical head Ross Brawn talked of how Schumacher is steadily recovering. He also talked of the immense “speculation about Michael’s condition.”

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Schumacher’s current condition is unknown. He is being treated privately at his own home in Switzerland. Brawn talked of how most of the speculation “is wrong.” He also expressed hope in witnessing Schumacher “recovered from his terrible injuries.”

In the last official update garnered by fans, Schumacher still cannot walk. This was the update given to a German court in September this year.

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