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Kim Kardashian Pregnant Rumors: Spotted Looking for Surrogate Mother

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant? Rumors have been circulating about her pregnancy. There are some rumors of her seeking a surrogate as well.

Kim Kardashian pregnant rumors have been doing the rounds now. Australian Network News reports that she is interested in finding a surrogate option. Several sources are also debunking the Kim Kardashian pregnant rumors.

Her friend supermodel Chrissy Teigen has reportedly volunteered to be the surrogate mother. The KUWTK star is eager to try for her third baby as per reports. The latter did have a tough pregnancy for her second child Saint.

There were several complications which happened earlier while delivering North as well. Her daughter has been advising her mom to reconsider her decision. There are fears that the 36-year-old may experience fatal bleeding if she aims at getting pregnant naturally.

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Kardashian is now open to having a surrogate mother. She earlier stated that “if I had a surrogate..would I love them the same?”. She also clarified that “nobody has to know” about her decision. Chrissy Teigen could well be an angel in distress for her. Teigen is the wife of popular songwriter-singer John Legend.

How Teigen Makes for a Great Choice

Teigen reportedly wants to help the couple have their third child. Teigen herself gave birth to Luna Simone Stephens in April 2015. She has been named after Luna Lovegood, the popular character in the Harry Potter series.

The parents have also shared their baby’s photos on Instagram. Legend and Teigen are reportedly thrilled to bits with their new baby. She might well be the surrogate that Kardashian needs.

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Teigen has already shown how affectionate and warm she is towards her own child. This might translate into a better experience for Kim-Kanye duo. Teigen’s offer of help has not gone unnoticed as per reports.

However, this is something that Kim Kardashian will definitely keep closeted. She will only reveal all after her third baby is born as per sources. As of now, surrogacy seems to be the best option for baby number 3.

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