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Destiny Raid Walkthrough: How to Complete Aksis Challenge, Earn Rewards

Destiny Raid is one of the most popular games amongst enthusiasts. Here is a walkthrough towards successfully completing the Aksis challenge. You can even earn rewards for your efforts. You should also learn more about the supercharge mechanic.

Destiny Raid offers quite a few challenges for players. The Wrath of the Machine raid now has the Aksis Challenge live. There are two challenge modes available according to the Game Rant. This comes in contrast to the three modes available for the King’s Fall.

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Players can complete the Destiny Raid Aksis challenge can be completed in Wrath of the Machine. Several players have experienced the Aksis boss fight without ever using it. There is a supercharge mechanic which is often hidden as many already know. Players need to reach one of the back plates. Thereafter, they have to put the empowerment into the red and glowing plate.

Some Vital Tips

The plate lighting up will never fall on the side where Aksis teleports. In case Aksis teleports to the right, the left plate or back middle plate will possess this red glow. In addition, player movements will increase through the empowerment.

Supercharging is a must throughout each Aksis teleport. Each time Aksis circles the boss fight zone, players should use the plate. The challenge will never conclude if players do not use the same. A player should not miss any stun on Aksis during this encounter. Missing a stun and Aksis stabilizing will translate into failure.

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However, hitting the supercharge plate during every teleport will work. Many more supers will also translate into more DPS. Teams working well together will want to win the Aksis challenge. There are major rewards including a new emblem, Perfected ornament and heroic mode gear piece which can go up to light level 400.

Destiny: Rise of Iron has already been launched for both Xbox One and PS4. Completing the Aksis challenge successfully is possible with good teamwork and proper strategies. You can watch more here.

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