Watch Dogs 2 Censored

Watch Dogs 2 Patch Arriving to Remove Sexually Explicit Content

Is Ubisoft censoring Watch Dogs 2? That might be the case as Ubisoft releases a statement regarding the controversial nudity in their game.

For those unaware of the news, Twitter user @Swizzasaur tweeted (NSFW link) out an image early this week of, well, a vagina in Watch Dogs 2. Now this isn’t too much of an issue, especially since the game is rated M for nudity and sexual themes. Or at least it shouldn’t have been an issue.

But the image to exploded online when Sony suspended Swizzasaur’s PSN account for uploading a completely unaltered screen shot of something in the game.

Sony lifted the ban yesterday. But the incident still left an impact regarding Sony’s policies on community content.

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Watch Dogs 2 Nudity Patch Incoming?

Despite all this, it seems Ubisoft is still concerned regarding public opinion of their game.

Polygon reported that Ubisoft plans to release a patch to remove this piece of nudity which they declared as “particularly explicit.”

Ubisoft released a statement apologizing for that particular NPC model. They state that they’ll update the model and make it more “consistent” with other NPC models in the game.

For the time being it’s uncertain if this particular NPC is the only one they’ll be changing or if they’re going to adjust the nudity across the entire game.

Press-Start reported that there is a lot of nudity in Watch Dogs 2 beyond just the controversial image, though perhaps they aren’t as “explicit” as that one.

It’s also always a strange thing when people are reacting to nudity, but ignore the violence. There’s been no reaction to the fact that Watch Dogs 2 gives players the freedom to harm innocent people.

Yet that’s nearly always the case with public reaction — sexuality is considered taboo but murder is all well and good in the video game industry.

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