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Pokemon GO: New Bonus Event May Arrive Next Week

The Pokemon Go bonus event next week has created mass hysteria amongst fans. Pokemon Go will have a grand Halloween-esque event. This will celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on the 24th of November.

The Pokemon Go bonus event has already been creating huge excitement amongst gamers. Niantic is reportedly planning a big event. This event could center around Christmas as per sources. This may be quite similar to the event that was held around Halloween. The event is also likely to be held only in the United States.

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The Pokemon Go team has also been promoting several events and new updates in recent times. The latest update from the team now integrates a daily bonus. This rewards all players for their first catch every day. This reward comes in the form of stardust and bonus XP according to Express.

Niantic has also unleashed several other items and Pokemon into the game. This has been billed as a celebration of the new feature. The Pokemon Go Halloween update had several new bonuses. The spawn rates for specific Pokemon were also scaled up. Fans will also be waiting for the 100 new Pokemon which will be part of another update sometime soon.

More Attractions in Store

Niantic is also reportedly planning Player vs Player duels for December 2016. This update may include the entire second generation Pokemon range as well. Niantic has already been vocal about several massive changes being made to the popular Pokemon Go.

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These changes are likely to take place before the year ends. The player against player feature has not found any official mention yet. Fans have already found codes for the second generation Pokemon lineup in a new update. Niantic is also calling these updates only the beginning of exciting things to come.

Spokespersons have talked of how fans should “stay tuned” for more details. There will be a new Nearby feature to look out for in tandem with Legendary Pokemon and Ditto.

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