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Persona 5 Release Date Reportedly Delayed; Speculations on When it Will Release

Western fans of Persona 5 may still have to wait. It appears Atlus will delay the release of the English version of the game despite its release date. This may be sad news for fans as the game was promised to have a February 14 release.

According to Polyogn, Atlus revealed this during its live stream yesterday. The live stream also revealed the first English-language footage of the game – from some story previews to its gameplay impressions.

The news means Persona 5 will not go to the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 for at least another several weeks. This is despite the fact that Japanese fans already have the games since September of this year.

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Atlus did promise that the game will receive Japanese audio for Western viewers. It will be available as free DLC for the game. According to the PlayStation Blog, the English version was originally going to have exclusive vocals. However, the delay opted them to include this instead. This may be able to appease some expecting fans.

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Persona 5: The Much-Awaited Installment

Some fans may also want to download the free Persona 5 theme for their PlayStation 4 while they are waiting. The publishers also revealed the art for the game’s premium edition, which can be purchased for $89.99.

Persona 5 is the fifth installment of the much-acclaimed Persona franchise. Its predecessor, the Persona 4 game first debuted on PlayStation 2 in 2008 and had a lot of spin-offs.  The franchise itself is a spinoff from Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei series of RPGs. Regardless, the games all have the similar RPG feel to them.

The games are well-received due to their monster collection mechanic. Players will be able to collect monsters, ghosts, and demons that correspond to mythological creatures and deities. They will serve as part of the players’ “Persona” that corresponds to their attitude.

Persona 5 will tackle a group of thieves that will try to defeat monsters in order to save and retrieve the “hearts” of adults that were stolen by the evil entities.

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