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Nintendo Switch: Which Games it Will Support at Launch

Nintendo fans may be disappointed after hearing that the new Zelda game will not be in the Nintendo Switch. So let’s evaluate which games are available for Nintendo’s newest console.

It can be remembered that the Nintendo Switch will start at a $250 selling price. It may not be as hefty as other competitors, but it does pose a few questions regarding the quality of its hardware. Most importantly, players are wondering just what games can it play.

The announcement of delays for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be alarming news for some. Nintendo Switch critics assume the game wil be part of the Switch launch due to the rather new nature of the device.

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However, according to Let’s Play Video Games, it seems Nintendo’s plumber will take its place. A new Mario game will be available “in all territories” by the time of the Switch’s release.

The new Mario game will feature a 3D open world hub that players can explore. They have a host of worlds that can be visited with their own objectives. This is similar to Mario hits Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. However, it may disappoint fans to hear that the game will not be in full 3D. Each stage is still a linear path that is designed to be completed. Interestingly, the game also features a multiplayer mode. However, gameplay details about the new title were not released.

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Nintendo Switch: Big Move for Nintendo

Another topic of interest is Bethesda hit Skyrim. The open-world title appears to be part of the host of games in the Switch trailer. However, Bethesda has neither confirmed nor denied the inclusion of the game – or its remastered version – for the Switch.

Meanwhile, fans expect Nintendo hit Splatoon to come to the game’s $300 variant. Interestingly, the game will now feature a 1-vs-1 mode where Switch players can fight over a map. The feature will also let players switch weapons mid-game.

The Nintendo Switch generate quite the buzz during its tease last month. However, some fans do not expect the game’s sales to peak given the rather complex nature of the console. Regardless, some believe the third-party support feature from Nintendo will finally bring more developers into the foray.

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