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NBA Trade Rumors: Sacramento Kings May Trade DeMarcus Cousins Next Month

NBA Trade Rumors are abuzz about the Sacramento Kings trading DeMarcus Cousins. As per rumors, the trade may take place as early as next month. The Kings reportedly wish to sell Cousins at the earliest to land more value.

NBA Trade Rumors are spreading thick and fast about DeMarcus Cousins being traded next month. HNGN has reported that Cousins’ place in the Kings lineup is not guaranteed. The Kings will look to trade him off prior to the February deadline.

NBA Trade Rumors highlight that the Kings have reportedly had enough of Cousins’ controversies. Cousins is known for being short-tempered. He has often broken rules and had bitter fights with coaches and referees.

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Even after being with the Kings for 7 years, he has not guided them to the playoffs. This is supposedly one of the biggest reasons for a possible trade. Sporting News also reports that Cousins may be traded by February.

A possible move may happen in the first half of December itself as per rumors. There are a lot of speculation amongst senior executives in the league. Several managers have talked about how the Kings should trade Cousins immediately. The closer the deadline looms large, the lower the Kings will receive for the player.

Shaquille O’Neal Confirms Trade Rumors?

Even Shaquille O’Neal talked about how Cousins is a “hothead”. Shaq was firm that Cousins is a great athlete but not a good leader yet. He also confirmed that the Kings may “go in a different direction”. Shaquille O’Neal is a minority shareholder in the Sacramento Kings.

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Cousins has a year left on this contract which is worth $18 million. The Kings may want to trade him off next month. This will ensure that Cousins still gets some value. Also, it would make other teams restrict their offers for him. As a result, the earlier a trade is finalized, the better the scenario will be for the Sacramento Kings.

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