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Last Of Us Movie Delayed Reportedly Due to Game Sequel, Creative Differences

Fans of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us were ecstatic to hear plans for a movie. However, the absence of news does prove worrisome. Where is the film? It appears there are a few problems in terms of production.

According to IGN, it appears neither Sony nor Naughty Dog is doing anything to advance the project. Sam Raimi, the director, said creative director Neil Druckmann had disagreements with the film’s direction. Raimi added the film appears to be “sitting there” without moving forward.

It can be remembered that Sony’s Screen Gems will be adapting the survival horror game. It also announced that Druckmann will be writing the script. However, aside from the initial news, there are no updates about the film’s progress whatsoever.

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Fans will remember the clamor for a film because of the game’s story. It’s set in the onset of an apocalyptic virus that ravaged mankind. When protagonist Joel saw his family being killed in front of him, he had a one-man journey to “redeem” himself. However, upon meeting the young girl Ellie, the game transforms into an emotional experience.

Despite the disappointing news, fans can still be relieved that the Uncharted film adaptation is still a go.

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Last Of Us: Is the Last Of Us 2 Ever Coming?

The Last Of Us fans may remember that lead writer and director already has plans for the game’s sequel. However, there are no further news regarding its production. Hopefully, the time off from the movie’s release may be used to develop the sequel.

Fans can no doubt recognize a few of the unreconciled questions the previous game has left resolved. Some even think that Joel may even die in the second game. This may happen no less than in the hands of Ellie herself. It can be remembered that Joel lied to Ellie about the nature of the disease, having killed the group that wants to use Ellie for experiments.

However, with the lack of news about the game, only some could hope for the best for the two protagonists.

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