Hillary Clinton polls results

Hillary Clinton Polls Results- Bernie Sanders Reportedly Blamed for Her Defeat

Are unsuccessful Hillary Clinton polls results being blamed on Bernie Sanders? The Democrats have started pinning the blame on Sanders for Clinton’s defeat. Is Sanders really to blame?

The Hillary Clinton polls results did not live up to the mark and the electoral college calculations emphatically drove Trump home. Clinton won a major chunk of the popular vote but still lost. Inquisitr has reported on several pieces blaming Bernie Sanders for Clinton’s loss.

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A new piece by Gil Troy is titled “And The 2016 Ralph Nader Award Goes To..Bernie Sanders”. This piece blames the huge blunders committed by Clinton’s campaign on Sanders. It blames Sanders for the manipulations of the Democratic Party.

Is Sanders Really To Blame?

Bernie Sanders is now being made the scapegoat for all the trouble. The Senator tirelessly campaigned for Clinton right till the general election and was sincere in his efforts. He even started campaigning in July 2016 after endorsing her. The writer has put emphasis on Sanders’ contribution to the Clinton campaign as vampire-like.

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Hillary Clinton polls results

The Hillary Clinton polls results are being blamed on Sanders shifting Clinton towards extremism. Sanders is also reportedly at fault for drawing Clinton to the extreme wing of the Democratic Party.  The question is, is Sanders really to blame?

Bernie Sanders  has only executed his duties according to some experts. With no one to really pin the blame onto in addition to Sanders’ silence, he is a suitable scapegoat. The writer has not spoken of any underhand tactics of the Clinton campaign. He only goes after Sanders in his article.

Democrats are not really highlighting Clinton’s FBI investigations. Many believe that Sanders is not to blame at all. Many are talking about these allegations being huge lies. However, some Democrats are still putting the blame on him.

No official statements have been issued by Sanders. He has not yet issued any defence against the allegations.

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