Georgia Love, Lee Elliot First Interview After The Bachelorette 2016
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Georgia Love, Lee Elliot First Interview After The Bachelorette 2016

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Love is still in the air confirms Georgia Love and Lee Elliot in their first interview after The Bachelorette 2016. After Georgia Love’s recent devastating loss, the 27-year old seems to be doing better with the support of her chosen man.

Just after the finale of The BacheloretteGeorgia Love received what she calls “the worst phone call” of her life. After the merriment and champagne came the news that her mother has passed away due to pancreatic cancer.

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Georgia Love and Lee Elliot After The Bachelorette:

In her first interview after the end of the season, she revealed some personal things to Elle. Despite her heartbreaking loss, she said she did not regret joining the show and being away from her mother for three months.

“A lot of people have actually asked me if I regret going away for three months to film while my mum was sick. You can look back at any point of your life and go, ‘Well I was away for two months travelling there, a year working there,’ but if I hadn’t gone on The Bachelorette I would haven’t Lee to support me through this, but I also would’ve still been in Tassie, so I would have been further away from my mum. I don’t regret anything that happened.”

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In fact, according to her, it was her mother’s condition that prompted her to join The Bachelorette. She used the air time and exposure to raise awareness about the extremely deadly disease.

She also commended Lee for being supportive and helping her get through these tough times. “It’s been incredibly difficult, but it would have been made so much more difficult if Lee hadn’t have been there. So there are silver linings,” she shared.

Lee also organized a special lunch with some of the contestants with tickets for bidding to a limited number of people. The proceeds will go to the Pancare Foundation.

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But seriously, how amazing are these guys? After everything we've been through they're continuing to band together to support a charity extremely close to my heart. My wonderful @leeroyelliott has organised a luncheon to raise money for @pancareaus where you can date the Bachelorette boys!! You can (and should!) bid for a spot at this exclusive luncheon at @MorrisJonesBar for a 2 course meal specially designed by head chef @matthew_butcher on Saturday 17th December at 2pm. Places to this are strictly limited to the 12 highest bidders of the online auction with all money raised to go to Pancare Foundation. To bid and for more details please visit: Proudly and generously supported by: @morrisjones_co @asahibeer_au @moethennessy @diageo @endlesscider #WPCD #InItTogether #bacheloretteau #pancare #pancreaticcancerawarenessmonth

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On a lighter note, the two are happy finding each other. Lee shares how “amazing” it was to be able to hang out with his girlfriend without the lights and camera. But they are still getting used to the silence, he said. “You still keep looking over your shoulder to see if they’re there.”



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