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Dead Rising 4 Cooperative Multiplayer Mode Canceled; Fans Outraged

Long time fans of the series have been giving Dead Rising 4 a lot of flak recently. Mostly with regards to how the new title, and the series in general, has started to stray away from the core features of the original.

But the backlash for Dead Rising 4 is even worse than usual because of how much Capcom Vancouver insists that the game is going back to the series’ roots and origins. And now fans are even angrier because it looks like Capcom Vancouver took out a fan favorite feature of the past two games — cooperative campaign mode.

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Dead Rising 4, Dead on Arrival?

This new bit of information came out during a Twitch stream on ExpertZone_Community who had Capcom Vancouver on to demo the upcoming title. At about 18:10 into the stream, a fan asks a question to the developers:

Q: Is this game going to be four player co-op, and if so what’s the type of mode?

A: Yeah we have an online four player mode. So in story mode, it’s a single player story mode, you’re going to play just as Frank.

You can view the stream for the full answer, but after that bit he just goes on to explain what the four player co-op mode will be like, which we’ve talked about before.

But the key take away from this answer is the confirmation that  Dead Rising 4 will not have a cooperative story mode, which was a staple in both Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3.

And to be frank about it, fans are not happy.

Redditor thegrimm54321 has this to say:

The more they release info on this game, the less it seems like Dead Rising.

Fellow Redditor Porshapwr has the same sentiments:

I’m baffled. My friend and I have been looking forward to playing this game in co-op just like DR3 for months and months. We both have it pre-ordered. I honestly don’t know if either of us will get it now.

Along with several other, and also angrier, comments following the same train of thought.

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“Bringing it Back to its Roots”

This is just the latest in a string of changes that Capcom Vancouver announced for Dead Rising 4 that’s received severe backlash. Despite the fact that Capcom insists that the new game pays homage to the original and will bring the franchise “back to its roots,” fans can’t help but notice that every change they’ve made seems to be for the worse.

A few days ago, YouTuber CrowbCat uploaded a video called “Dead Rising 4 is not Dead Rising,” which highlights several of the new features in the fourth title that severely contradicts the core gameplay of the original.

Just a few of the things the video points out include the removal of the time limit feature that the series is known for (to add fuel to the fire, a timed campaign is available — but only as paid DLC), the complete overhaul of Frank’s character, model, and voice, and the removal of zombies becoming extra violent at night.

All in all, a lot of changes seem set out to make the game more mainstream and more appealing to a wider audience. Of course the downside to doing so is that you end up alienating your core fanbase that don’t want any of these changes.

Are these changes for the better? We’ll have to wait and see for when the game comes out and how people review it.

Dead Rising 4 comes out on PC and Xbox One on December 6.

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