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David Blaine Wife: Who is Alizee Guinochet and Do They A Daughter

David Blaine has debuted on ABC for his very own feature David Blaine: Beyond Magic last Tuesday. The 43-year-old magician has been in the spotlight for years now. And people are wondering ‘does this magician lead a normal life like us?’

Blaine, as someone people think of as a supernatural, does live a normal life. Many people think he has a wife in the person of Alizee Guinochet. But the two was never married. The couple was engaged back in 2009. Guinochet became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter in January 2011. Her name is Dessa Blaine.

David Blaine and Alizee Guinochet broke off their engagement in 2012 when the latter accused the famous magician of cheating on her. The magician allegedly danced with another girl on the dance floor in a lounge on New Jersey. Some say that they were still together that time while others believe that they are no longer together when it happened.

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Guinochet now lives in Paris, France with their daughter. While Blaine flies to Paris during special occasions to spend time with his daughter.

The illusionist and his jewelry-designer ex-fiance are said to remain friends. Blaine is able to see his daughter whenever he likes. There are reports saying that Blaine is dating but there is no confirmation. Blaine, to all women fans, is single.

David Blaine: Beyond Magic

His special feature aired last Tuesday on ABC. In the show, David Blaine shocked Drake and Dave Chapelle when he spits out 3 frogs. He did the same trick at the Jimmy Fallon Show.

He did other tricks like catching a bullet in his mouth and swallowing wedding rings in front of David Beckham, John Travolta, and Emma Stone in different occasions. He also did a guessing game with Margot Robbie and did card tricks with Jennifer Lawrence via Facetime.

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