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Big Bang Theory Season 11 Said To Be Cancelled As Lead Actors Deserting the Show

The Big Bang Theory season 11 was announced to premiere in January. However, sources are saying that season 11 might be canceled as original cast members leave the show.

It all started with a big bang on September 2007 when the series was first premiered on CBS. Since then, it has been one of the most successful and hilarious series to date. It’s witty plot and story line is not only interesting and unique but also amusing.

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The show revolves around a group of scientists and how they interact with the world around them and each other on a daily basis. Fans have followed their struggles adapting to social situations, partners, and friendships and personal issues. For ten years, The Big Bang Theory has touched hearts and brought laughter to so many people.

However, it looks like The Big Bang Theory season 11 is not pushing through after all. Despite showrunner Chuck Lorre’s announcement confirming a season 11, sources are claiming likewise.

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Big Bang Theory Season 11 Canceled?

According to HNGN, The Big Bang Theory season 11 might be canceled or become the final season of the series. The reason for this is that lead actors are planning to leave the show.

Kaley Cuoco who plays the hot but not so smart girl Penny Hofstadter is planning to leave after season 11 is wrapped up. The source shared that the actress wants out because of issues with her salary.

Leonard Hofstadter’s actor Johnny Galecki is said to be following suit. Since the actor’s character cannot simply work without his wife, Penny Galecki is reported to be leaving if Cuoco leaves.

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The same issue is reported to be the reason why Jim Parsons is also planning to exit from the installment. Arguably the most popular character in the series, Parsons is playing the role of theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper. The report says that the show cannot afford the actor’s salary requirements.

While CBS has not announced anything official yet, sources are saying that even executive producer Steven Molaro is uncertain about its future. When asked about the show, moving forward he replied that he does not know.

If The Big Bang Theory season 11 does get canceled, this season will be the last. The ten-year old scifi comedy series nonetheless will always be remembered and cherished by fans all over the world.



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