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Battlefield 1 Fall Update Brings GamePlay Additions, Rentable Servers, Bug Fixes

Battlefield 1 seems to want to surprise players even more. Its newest patch will include hardcore servers and vast changes in its game modes. They will all come with the game’s Fall Update, now available for the three platforms.

Players can see the host of changes in the patch notes. Fans that are excited to get the new patch can download them right away. However, a lot of fans may notice that majority of the patch fixes addressed balancing issues within the game.

This is good news as Battlefield 1 is proving to be an extremely competitive game. Its emotional story and intense combat make for a successful contender for award-giving bodies.

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The first among the many new features of the game are its rentable and hardcore servers. They will come with settings of their own, all for players to tinker with. This changes the dynamics of multiplayer and balancing in the game.

The Operations game mode will be getting a nerf to boost the effectiveness for attackers. There will be a slight change for the time it takes to capture flags as well. However, these all come with a boost in ticket awards for the Operations and Grand Operations mode.

Meanwhile, the Suez Conquest layout has been changed due to player feedback. There are now two flags, making it severely harder for players to capture the flags immediately. Some of the areas have been altered, too, to make recapturing them easier. A team that is driven back to their HQ can find an armored car they can use to flank opponents. This means the dynamics of the game change quickly regardless of a side’s progress.

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Battlefield 1: A World War I Spectacle

Leaders will now be kicked out if they are inactive. This means squad leaders constantly have to call out orders to their team members or risk getting demoted. Of course, this is not guaranteeing that squad leaders give out good orders, but at least they are finally doing something.

Light machine guns are also becoming more usable in fights. This is because LMGs are rarely used in the game. Now, players can notice tweaks on individual weapons and on the category as a whole. They have a new host of suppression abilities, less initial recoil, and better accuracy.

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