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WWE News- Know Why Goldberg Wants to Kill Brock Lesnar

The latest WWE News reports indicate that Goldberg wishes to kill Brock Lesnar. While this has startled fans of the wrestling entertainment series, there are several reasons. Goldberg will face Lesnar at the Survivor Series.

Recent WWE News has revealed that the 49-year-old Goldberg is bent on scalping Lesnar. Many have wondered whether he should have even returned to professional wrestling at this age. He has now made a comeback after spending more than 10 years away from the ring.

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Inquisitr has reported that Goldberg has answered in the affirmative when asked if he would kill Lesnar. This was however not literal and merely referred to their upcoming match. Goldberg has been away for 12 years. Goldberg has called himself “nuts” for coming back to the WWE ring.

Why Goldberg Is Competing?

However, Goldberg’s doctor has already declared him fit to compete. He then decided to make an eagerly awaited return to the ring. Goldberg has already declared that he has nothing left to prove to anyone. He has been an ex-world heavyweight champion and wants to do this only for his family. He wants his family to experience the phenomenon that WWE is.

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The Survivor Series match is also billed to be his last ever bout in the ring. However, Goldberg has not confirmed this yet. WrestleMania XX saw him winning his last match. He also talked of how he wants to give Lesnar an opportunity to make the tally 1-1.

Goldberg is being very practical about his return. He knows that it will be an uphill task to compete in the ring. However, he is engaged in a lot of preparation ahead of the same.

He also talked of how he will not be “the Goldberg of old” anymore. He mentioned of being “12 years older, and gray”. He will also look to tap into his “12 years of MMA Training”. He also talked about his “stand up game” being way better than it was earlier in WWE or WCW.

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