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WWE 2K17 DLC: NXT Enhancment Pack Now Available; Price, Superstars, New Moves

It’s time for wrestling fans to get excited once again as 2K releases their second batch of WWE 2K17 DLC.

And what exactly is 2K offering their faithful fans? Well none other than the NXT Enhancement Pack which brings in three new wrestlers to the squared circle. It also comes with a little bonus for fans as well.

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WWE 2K17 DLC – NXT Enhancement Pack

Similar to the Goldberg DLC pack from last week, the NXT enhancement pack isn’t exactly “new.” Fans that bought the NXT edition of the game already had access to the contents of the DLC pack.

Likewise, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game had access to to the NXT Legacy Pack since the game launched in October, which included the three new wrestlers.

But enough about that, let’s discuss what really matters — what’s in the NXT enhancement pack.

Well the biggest content it has is the addition of three playable wrestlers. That includes current NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura as well as former NXT stars Apollo Crews and Nia Jax. The addition of these fighters also means the addition of their different signature moves for use when creating a character in the game.

In addition to the three new characters, the DLC pack also provides a bonus in the My Career mode. Purchasing the DLC will give players 50% more VC points while competing in NXT in the game type.

The DLC pack is already available for download for $9.99.

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WWE 2K17 DLC – The Road Ahead

This is the second DLC pack so far for WWE 2K17 and is not a part of the Season Pass. Fans of the game still have a few more DLC packs to look forward to in the near future.

Future DLC includes the Future Stars Pack, the Hall of Fame Showcase, the Legends Pack, and the New Moves Pack. All these future DLC are a part of the Season Pass, so players that purchased that will get them as soon as they come out.

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