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Watch Dogs 2: Hidden Trailer is for Actual Ubisoft Game, Sci-Fi AAA Title!

It appears Ubisoft is not running out of surprises anytime soon. A new Easter Egg found in Watch Dogs 2 is from an actual Ubisoft game in the works. This may mark Ubisoft’s entry into a new and improved science fiction genre.

Watch Dogs 2 is praised for being levels ahead of the first iteration of the franchise. The improved hacking mechanics and an immersive world make it a wonderful experience. However, Ubisoft also did not hesitate in adding as much Easter Eggs as possible. It appears its most recent one is from an actual Ubisoft game.

According to Kotaku, players can find a “leaked Ubisoft trailer” that the game will ask you to “steal” from a mockup of Ubisoft San Francisco. This is one of the game trailers stolen from the Ubistolen mission.

Apparently, the game is a science fiction title called Pioneer. Sources of Kotaku said this is an actual Ubisoft game that is currently in development hell.

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This means the game is very much real and may be a No Man’s Sky competitor. Other sources say that the space exploration game had hit quite a few hurdles that let it stay in its current state. However, Ubisoft actually letting a trailer come out may mean something good. Another source of Kotaku said the game was supposed to be announced next year but the game is currently being fixed.

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Watch Dogs 2: Connected to the New Game?

Ubisoft is currently known for a lot of its titles in realistic settings. Their gameplay and immense storylines are also praised for their ingenuity and precision. However, with titles such as Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare saturating the sci-fi scene with shooters, a Ubisoft entry may change the game. Of course, that is if the publisher plans on actually releasing the game.

There are a ton of possibilities that could be done with a Ubisoft-made space exploration game. Given the popularity of The Division, Ubisoft may take a similar formula and outfit Pioneer into a survival game as well.

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