Watch Dogs 2 Money

Watch Dogs 2: 3 Ways to Make Fast Money

As the saying goes, money makes the world go round. And that’s no different for the world of Watch Dogs 2.

Despite being a freedom fighting hacktivist, Marcus Holloway is still in need for some cold hard cash. Whether it be to purchase new outfits or new gear — money will always be useful to the player. So here’s a few simple ways for players to earn some quick cash.

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Watch Dogs 2 Get Rich Quick Schemes

1. Steal from Pedestrians

The city of San Francisco is filled with hundreds of NPCs just going about their daily lives. And that makes them ripe for the picking for some donations to the DedSec cause.

Marcus, however, is not a fan of violence. But that’s fine — there are ways to get what we need without hurting the person.

If the player holds either L1 or LB (for the PS4 and Xbox One respectively) on an NPC, a menu of hacking options will appear. If a dollar sign shows up, that means you can steal from them without them being none the wiser.

Doing this will net the player at most $70 each time. It might sound small, but with the amount of NPCs in the game that builds up quick.

But for those that are still unsatisfied with that number, the Social Engineering tree has an upgrade called Improved Profiler. With this upgrade, players are more likely to get a few hundred dollars per hack.

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2. Pawn Stars

If you don’t feel like messing with people, how about messing with their stuff instead?

Just like pretty much any other open world game, Watch Dogs 2 allows the player to hijack vehicles all over the city. Something unique in the game however is that hijacking a vehicle also means looting the car.

That includes things like money that goes straight into your account, but also expensive gadgets like laptops. Players can take these looted items to any pawn shop in the game in exchange for some nice cash.

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3. Mr. Moneybags

Okay so you don’t want to steal from people — both from their person and from their cars. So what other options do you have? Well luckily for you it seems the city of San Francisco is filled with magically spawning cash.

From time to time, money bags will just spawn in on your map. And picking these up will net you some cash. The amount is different from bag to bag, but reportedly some of the rarer ones can contain as much as 20 grand. So if you see one pop up on your map, you might want to pay a quick visit.

These are some of the fastest (and easiest) ways to get cash in the game. While each individual grab might be small, they will build up over time and keep your wallets fat.

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