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Teen Wolf Season 6 Premiere, Air Date, Spoilers: Is Dylan O’Brien’s Character,Stiles Axed

After the long wait, Teen Wolf Season 6 will finally premiere today. But with the release of the set photos with fans noticing Dylan O’Brien’s absence, they are not as excited as they should be.

Fans of the MTV series are dreading for the confirmation of O’Brien’s exit on the show’s finale as the character Stiles. This is after the 25-year-old actor got into an accident while shooting for Maze Runner. 

O’Brien’s doctors ordered him to rest until he has fully recovered. Based on this, reports are saying that O’Brien might not be able to get back on his feet in time for the filming of the Teen Wolf season finale.

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But the network did not make any announcements to clear the matter. Some are saying that they are using the opportunity to let fans anticipate and will surely tune in for the season premiere episode. Hence, the absence of O’Brien on the set photos.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Exclusive First Act

MTV releases the season finale’s first act. Fans catch a glimpse of Stiles on the trailer and are very optimistic that indeed their favorite character will be back for the finale.

A report from Game N Guide also reveals that Stiles is indeed part of season 6. It is said that Stiles is the center of the storyline. If the report is true, fans are sure to watch every episode of the 6th and final season.

In the 6th season, Stiles is still lost in the land of the forgotten. And Lydia will do everything to bring him back while his bestfriend Scott is still looking for a way to save him.

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Teen Wolf season 6 premieres November 15 at 9/8c on MTV Network.

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