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‘South Park’ Season 20, Episode 8 Spoilers: Cartman, Heidi Head to Mars in SpaceX, Trump Parody

South Park Season 20 updates and spoilers have been trickling in. The eighth episode will reportedly have the first parody of new President Donald Trump. Heidi and Cartman will also go on the SpaceX trip to Mars.

South Park Season 20 will have the 8th episode titled as Members Only. This will reveal Cartman and Heidi going on a trip to Mars as per iTech Post. The couple will be a part of the first 100 people going on this unique SpaceX intergalactic journey.

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South Park Season 20 episode 8 will have the SpaceX CEO asking for a permanent deportation of 100 people to Mars. The couple will find it necessary to leave America with Donald Trump’s win. There will be a creative parody of the president elect Donald Trump on the show.

More on the President’s Parody

The President-elect will be called Mr. Garrison in this episode. He will come to Fort Collins for a Thanksgiving speech. His win may widen the gap between the boys and girls as per reports. He may also express his feelings and regrets over the election. It is still being anticipated as to how the return of Garrison to Fort Collins will be shown.

This is one of the biggest talking points for the show and it will show the first parody of the new President. The new President’s speech and his opinions are a point of much speculation. Gerald will also play a pivotal role in this episode.

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Gerald and his accomplices were set up by the Danish and United States governments earlier. This has been shown in the earlier episode already. They will now plot revenge after falling into the clutches of the Trolls Hunters. Skankhunt42 or Gerald will finally manage to escape as per the latest spoilers. He will flee to save his life.

The 8th episode will be airing on the 16th of November tonight on Comedy Central at 10:00 PM ET.

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