Minecraft Update 1.11
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Minecraft 1.11 Update LIVE. Here’s What You Need to Know

Minecraft fans are in for a treat as Update 1.11, also known as the Exploration Update, arrives on PC and Mac today.

And what does the brand new update have in store? Well the new update mainly seeks to add features related to, well, exploration. From new mobs, treasure maps, and new ways to transport items — this update wants to instill the spirit of adventure in every player.

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Minecraft: The Exploration Update

As described on their official post, the update will add an type of Villager known as the Cartographer that exchanges emeralds for a map. And what is the map for? Well finding treasure of course.

But of course there’s no fun in a treasure with no challenge. Fiends of all kinds guard these treasures, most notably the Villager’s “creepy cousins” — the Illagers. Of these Illagers there are two types that the player will encounter: the axe-wielding Vindicator and the spell-casting Evoker.

If you manage to defeat the Evoker, you’ll find a new item called the Totem of Undying. While holding the Totem of Undying, players will resurrect upon taking lethal damage — a tool one should keep close when exploring for treasure.

Likewise, the update introduces some new ways of transferring and transporting your new found boon.

The first is the introduction of the llama, the new animal. Similar to horses, players can ride the llama as a mount when they have the right equipment. However, llamas are special in that they can also be equipped with a chest for portable storage. At the same time, putting a leash on a single llama will attract any nearby ones, thus forming a caravan for the player to use.

The other new item to help with managing your treasures is the Shulker Box. As demonstrated in the trailer above, the Shulker Box is a new kind of chest that, when destroyed, actually keeps all of its items. And because of this, it essentially serves as a portable container for anything you need.

A full list of all additions as well as some more technical information regarding the update can be found on Minecraft’s wiki here.

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