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Final Fantasy 15 VA Reportedly Reveals ‘Iconic’ Ending for Game, Part 2 for 2020

Final Fantasy 15 may not be the usual game players expect. The protagonist’s voice actor teases some tragic moments at the end of the game. Ray Chase, who plays protagonist Noctis, said the upcoming JRPG will be “unlike” any previous games.

The game was already teased to be “vastly different” than other titles in the franchise. Its E3 2016 reveal – and the 13 years of waiting – made fans rejoice in the announcement. However, it appears the changes do not just end with the game’s world-building and gameplay mechanic. The story may hold yet another tale to be told if Chase is right.

According to Game Rant, Chase explained the game’s story will have a different weight that the other games did not have. For instance, the “deaths” in Final Fantasy 13 did not hold weight because of the resurrection mechanic. In Final Fantasy 15, if ever good wins, it’s because the player deserved it. And this has very bad news.

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The recent Final Fantasy 15 Omen trailer meant the game will have a lot of darker aspects in play. Noctis’s apparent descent into the darkness was a new tone in the franchise. The mere mention of a “death” means players have to expect a moment like the famous death of Aeris from Final Fantasy 7.

However, this might mean a sequel is in order.

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Final Fantasy 15: Retooling Final Fantasy

There are no official announcements about a Final Fantasy 15 sequel. However, it’s interesting to note that titles like Final Fantasy 10 had a part two in order to close the game’s heavily-emotional plot. It was even released two to three years after the main game, with 10 released back in 2001 and 10-2 released in 2003. This means if Final Fantasy 15 will have a part two, it may be released in a few years time.

Noctis’s character is by nature similar to brooding protagonists such as Squall Leonhart and Cloud Strife from previous installments. However, the addition of friends and the interesting teleportation mechanic allows for some new gameplay on the part of readers.

The game is reportedly 50-100 hours long, which is a hefty amount of time before all the game’s plot points are revealed. However, the recent Judgment trailer also speaks volumes about the game and it’s rather deep entangled storyline. This “retooling” of Final Fantasy is praise-worthy, given that Square Enix is actually taking the franchise to a new direction.

Final Fantasy 15 will be coming out on November 29 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC fans will have to wait for the official announcement if the game will actually have a PC port.

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