AMD Zen Processor Speculated to Be Better Than Intel Kaby Lake Processor

The AMD Zen processor will take on the Intel Kaby Lake processor. Which one is better? Initial comparisons put the AMD Zen in front.

The AMD Zen Processor is a veritable powerhouse. The Intel Kaby Lake processor is no less. Tech Plz reports that the Zen range makes use of tiny 14nm FinFET architecture. The architecture is tinier in comparison to earlier AMD chips. However, there will be greater power efficiency.

The AMD Zen processor will offer 40% performance scalability which is a major attraction indeed. The Kaby Lake processor will have no big changes in terms of chip architecture. Intel has optimized the same instead. This is a small upgrade to the earlier Skylake processors.

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The Kaby Lake range is used comprehensively in the global market at present. These processors are used in products like the Microsoft Surface Book, Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre and others. The new generation chips are more efficient as per experts.

What Makes For A Better Option?

The AMD Zen processor range is not available in the market yet. AMD processors have traditionally been more suited to gaming. Taking pure horsepower into account, AMD has a more powerful one in its arsenal. The 8/16 core setup and 40% extra performance seal the deal in this regard.

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However, the Kaby Lake will keep finding a place in the best laptops. This gives Intel a slight advantage till AMD releases the Zen range next year. The Bitbag also reports that the new AMD Zen processors will be quite affordable in comparison to several rivals including Intel. The present 8 core product from Intel is priced from $1000 onwards.

However, the AMD Zen processor is expected to be priced lower than even $500. This will be a fabulous deal for customers since pricesare lower for the 8 core variant as well. However, Intel may play the pricing game when the new AMD Zen range is released next year.

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