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Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Allegedly Breaks Game; Cancels Mode Until Patch, Details Here

Today is a tricky time for Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer fans as it appears there are problems that have to be fixed. Despite positive early feedback, Watch Dogs 2 may have a broken multiplayer mode.

Eurogamer has reported that Ubisoft has disabled the game’s multiplayer feature as it caused the game to “crash periodically.” However, it appears there are more problems than meet the eye.

The seamless multiplayer option of the game has caused various software malfunctions probably due to demands on hardware. This causes the game to collapse on itself and crash, disabling players to enjoy the experience.

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It can be noted that Ubisoft has deployed a patch this afternoon to fix the issues. However, it will still have to pass certification by Sony and Microsoft. This means it will take some time before the patch gets to be rolled out to players who want to play with friends during launch day.

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Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer: Bounties and Perks

Watch Dogs 2 is particularly praised for its updated multiplayer settings. Its multiplayer is teased to be “seamless.” This means players can just join someone else’s game in order to hack them or help them in their times of need. Co-op requests have to be sent directly to players on friend’s list. However, fans got intrigued with the “seamless” bit of the game, much to their disappointment.

Regardless, players are supposed to find random sessions marked purple on the game map. This allows players to group together to take on a hideout, free a prisoner, or even just wreak havoc.

However, regardless of the issues, the gameplay of the sequel is unarguably better than the first. The dynamic gameplay and teamwork mechanics have worked very well with fans of the franchise.

Although players still have to wait for a fix, they can still play the game’s remarkable single-player mode. Watch Dogs 2 will be released today, November 15, on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will have a November 29 release for the PC.

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