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‘Supergirl’ Spoilers: Episode 2.06 ‘Changing’ Debuts Classic Superman Villain, Parasite

The latest Supergirl Spoilers have revealed the debut of a new Superman villain. Parasite will be the latest villain to debut in the popular series. The November 14th episode heralded the advent of this new and sinister villain.

The latest Supergirl Spoilers talk of how Supergirl now has an intriguing Guardian to rely on. The Guardian will be fighting the new villain Parasite alongside her. Heavy reports that this is none other than James Olsen as per the latest spoilers.

There will be a change in the storyline as far as Alex is concerned. Being Kara’s adoptive sister, she has always protected the former. However, she will admit something shocking in the Changing episode. This will come once Maggie Sawyer insists on her accepting her own sexuality. This admission is something that viewers are waiting for with bated breath.

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The Guardian will assist Kara after Parasite drains the latter of her powers. Mon-El will also struggle with his own motives and a new career. Alex will also face a whole new reality which will not be an easy ride.

More on Parasite 

Heavy also talks of the villain Parasite. He was seen at the end of the Crossfire episode. He will be a prominent presence in Changing. The first Parasite character was introduced in 1966. He was then killed off in 1985. This character absorbed power from Superman himself through touch. Another Parasite character was introduced into the comic series in 1987.

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Darkseid manipulated this character to open a waste container. The material inside gave this Parasite the same powers as his original counterpart. William Mapother is playing Parasite in Supergirl. The Parasite will be an alien with the man playing the host.

The doctor will be initially consumed with a quest to stop global warming. However, an alien parasite will take over his body. This will happen when a wolf buried in ice for thousands of years will be unearthed by his team. The Parasite will then have a sole mission- taking on all deniers of climate change.

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