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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Find Out When Will Niantic Add 100 New Pokemon

There are a lot of anticipation surrounding the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. Confirmation has been received from regarding the Gen 2 Pokemon update. There is a talk of Pokedex data integration for 100 new Pokemon.

Niantic may be considering a Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. Forbes has reported that several players have filled up their Pokedex. Only a miniscule number of wild finds remain at present. The entry of 100 new Pokemon will contribute towards a refreshing change.

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Pokemon GO has always integrated new attractions including the Buddy System. However, this may be termed a sequel or expansion based move. The introduction of 100 new Pokemon will lure players.

This latest Pokemon GO Gen 2 update will get the app topping global revenue charts. There are some queries about the introduction of #152 through #251. This is because the missing links in the Gen 1 game include #132, #146 and #145. Other missing elements include #144, #151 and #150. These are characters like Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Ditto and Moltres among others.

Some Doubts That Still Linger

Niantic’s latest expansion activity may be quite funny actually. Will they not give players the scope to collect the total 151? Mew and Mewtwo along with the legendary birds were expected to be focused on. They were regarded to be the central focus elements for upcoming game events.

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Niantic has not yet revealed any information on rolling them out. It will be easy for the company to integrate 100 new Pokemon into the game itself. All data linked to Ditto has been taken from the same game update as the Gen 2. However, there is no information on the others.

The update may come out pretty soon. In some markets, winter may lead to a decrease in game playing time. However, an update may get people playing again.

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