Marvel and Telltale Game

Marvel Telltale Game Revealed! Guardians of the Galaxy Game Coming Soon

In April of last year, Telltale Games and Marvel announced that they would be collaborating on a new Telltale title for 2017.

Marvel has a large fanbase, more so now with the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So people got excited when news spread of the Telltale and Marvel deal. While Telltale doesn’t have a perfect record, they have made some very good stories in the past.

But people were curious as to what Marvel character their games would focus on. Ever since the original 2015 announcement, they’ve been very quiet about any details for the upcoming title.

That is until today.

Thanks to a leak reported by, it seems Telltale’s next big title will focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves.

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The Leak

Interestingly enough, the leak for the upcoming game came from a strike from SAG-AFTRA, a voice acting union. As part of their protest, the union released a list of games that currently don’t have any deals with voice actors.

The list mentions the game “Guardians of the Galaxy- The Video Game aka Blue Harvest.” The list then associates this title with the company “O’Farrel Enterprises, LLC.”

While the company name might sound unfamiliar, the same list mentions the game “Walking Dead Season 3, The.” And once again, the list associates the same company to this game.

Given that Telltale is the one with the rights to the Walking Dead games and they’ve already confirmed to be working on the third season, it’s pretty clear that this company is directly related to Telltale.

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Telltale and Marvel Back at It Again

Telltale is famous within the video game community for creating adventure games based on large media brands. Ever since 2012’s The Walking Dead they’ve become synonymous for a type of game that is really more story than game.

While they don’t have a perfect track record (looking at you Minecraft: Story Mode), they’ve had a lot of amazing titles in just these past few years like The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands.

No announcement date for the Marvel game as of now other than the year 2017.

Telltale is currently in the middle of releasing episodes for Batman: The Telltale Game.

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