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Descendants of the Sun 2 Cancelled; Song Joong-Ki Faces $1.2M Lawsuit

While its first installment was highly successfully, it is still uncertain to date if a Descendants of the Sun 2 will push through. Moreover, according to sources, lead actors Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye Kyo will not be joining a second season if there is to be one.

The first season of the South Korean series was a major hit all over Asia. In fact, the show was so highly rated that KBS even aired three special episodes post-finale highlighting the best scenes of the series.

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In the series, Song Joong-Ki plays the role of Yoo Si-jin, captain of a South Korean Special Forces unit. After getting caught up in an accident of some sort, Si-jin is sent to the hospital where he meets Song Hye Kyo’s character Dr. Kang Mo-yeon. The man immediately falls in love for the doctor and much of the story revolves around that romance.

Because of the amazing chemistry between the two actors, fans have dubbed a love team called Song-Song. The two has been bombarded by rumors that they are dating or are madly in-love. While the two’s agencies confirmed that they are not in a relationships, fans ignored the statements and pushed for a Song-Song love affair.

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Descendants of the Sun 2 Cancelled?

While it might seem an obvious recourse to have a Descendants of the Sun 2 because of its success, there has not been word yet about a part 2. However, some speculations are pointing to the possibility of a second season.

Unfortunately, reports share, if there will in fact be a season 2, Song Joong-Ki might not be joining the original cast. In addition, his partner Song Hye Kyo most probably will follow suit.

Other than his busy schedule, the young actor is also focusing on a movie called Battleship Island. He is one of the lead roles for the occupational-era movie about an attempt to break out of the Hashima Island prison.

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$1.2 M Lawsuit Against Song Joong-Ki To Blame?

However, another reason was his alleged entanglement with a $1.2M lawsuit against a Hong Kong entertainment company. The said company is outsourced to produce and promote his 2016 Song Joong Ki Asia Tour Fan Meeting. The lawsuit was filed against a fan meeting company sourced by Blossom Entertainment who is handling Song Joong-Ki for non-payment of services. The suit is worth 9.6 million Hong Kong dollars or $1.2 million USD.

However, Blossom Entertainment released a statement clarifying that the case is unrelated to them.

“This is unrelated to our company, but when we looked into the news from Hong Kong, it seemed as if there was a misunderstanding… The Asia Tour fan meetings were participated by many companies from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong promotion company changed their company name and miscommunication occurred. Fan meeting payments have already been paid off, and we were told that the lawsuit would be dropped sometime today.”

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So, while different sources say different things about a Descendants of the Sun 2, for now nothing is confirmed. While rumors will surface around here and there, it is best to stay put until a final announcement has been made.

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