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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Adds Microtransactions Reportedly as COD Points

It appears Activision and EA are prepping for the long run with new features for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. There are new microtransactions in the game.

The game already had a rough start given the negative reception to its premise. Its overtly-futuristic setting received flak from users. A lot of players also said this was a radical departure from the realistic settings of Call of Duty. Regardless, a lot of fans are starting to get more frustrated as the game is rumored to be releasing more microtransactions.

According to Reddit, something that appears to be what is called CODPoints have appeared on the North American PlayStation Store. It was pulled out hours later.

Power Up Gaming also wrote that an icon for CODPoints have been available in the game’s menu when online play is disabled.

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Activision and developer Infinity Ward have not commented on the issue yet, and if they are real how they are supposed to work. However, the recent Call of Duty Black Ops 3 post-launch details can be a good reminder. CODPoints are currency available for players who spend real money on the product.

They can be used to buy new weapons, taunts and even cosmetic items. Prices for points range from $2 to $99, depending on the amount.

This has already raised concerns for players, given the game already has microtransactions. People can buy supply boxes with real money to get a real edge from others. This raised alarms for a “pay to win” mechanic in the game.

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Rising up to Competitors

It can be remembered that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was released during turbulent times. Its direct competitor may appear to be Battlefield 1, regardless of the difference in genres. However, the latter’s stellar success with its new World War I story is proving difficult to match.

Not to mention, the inclusion of Titanfall 2 and its unique gameplay mechanics is also proving to be difficult to not consider. The move with microtransactions may be a plausible move for the game to gather new audiences.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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