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Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar Confront Each Other on WWE RAW, Both Ready for Epic Showdown at WWE Survirvor Series 2016

Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar finally faced each other after 12 years from their last match. The crowd went wild when the two met in the ring. Both are surrounded by body guards so as to prevent the two hot-blooded WWE warriors from ripping each other’s heads off.

But the feud still stirred between the two. It started with Paul Heyman talking and Goldberg always cutting him off. This went on for awhile with both insulting each other. Then Goldberg told Heyman to shut up. He then accused Brock Lesnar of insulting his family.

Heyman cut in but Goldberg answered back, “The next time you mention my family, I’m going to rip off your damn head and feed it to him,” pointing to Lesnar.

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But Heyman failed to heed Goldberg’s warning and mentioned the 49-year old wrestler’s child. In which Goldberg answered by ripping off his shirt. Lesnar’s manager continued to insult Goldberg’s child which led to the latter taking out all the security guards just to get to Heyman and Lesnar.

Lesnar also ripped his shirt off after Goldberg challenged him to a fight. The crowd went wild, thinking they will see the most-anticipated fight right then and there. But Lesnar chose not to fight and went down the ring. The crowd booed Lesnar and shouted out Goldberg’s name.

In an interview with Fox Sports, Goldberg shared how humbled he is of the cheers he received from the crowd. “I’m a 49-year-old guy who was humbled as I could be in Denver when I heard the reception that the fans gave me. I left them on a sour note 12 years ago and now I have a chance to return and rectify it. It was very cool,” Bill Goldberg said.

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“I’d love to be the Goldberg of old,” he told me recently, “and not the Goldberg that’s old. I’m 12 years older, and gray, but in those 12 years I that I’ve been away from wrestling I’m much wiser, and I have 12 years of MMA training that I can utilize. My stand up game is immensely better than it ever was in WCW or WWE.”

Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar’s fight is the highlight of the WWE Survivor Series 2016. The WWE event will be held in Air Canada Center, Toronto on November 20. The WWE Survivor Series 2016 will also be shown live at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network.

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