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WWE News 2016: Vince McMahon May Join Donald Trump Cabinet Members

Donald Trump may have found one of his cabinet members in the form of an old friend. The McMahons from WWE may have a good spot in his cabinet. WWE news are abuzz with these new developments.

According to the Independent, there is much speculation about the members of the Trump cabinet upon his assumption of the role. These people will be assisting Trump throughout the entirety of his tenure as the President of the United States.

Linda McMahon from Connecticut, as in the former WWE chief executive, is oddly part of the list. She is known to be a two-time US Senate candidate. She first campaigned for New Jersey’s Chris Christie who was ousted by Trump.

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Regardless of her wrestling origins, she did serve the Connecticut Board of Education in 2009 before resigning in 2010. McMahon is married to Vince McMahon, who’s had a few run-ins with Trump.

Trump body-slammed and shaved McMahon’s head way back in 2007. The President-elect is a big wrestling fan and has strong ties with the families.

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Meanwhile, Trump’s support for the McMahons was returned in kind. The McMahons have donated millions to the Trump Foundation. While Linda McMahon did condemn Trump’s regards on women, she still believes he is the man for the job.

However, this also opens room for developments on the Vince McMahon front. A Wrestlemania event may be held to announce such an appointment. Trump may also even put Vince McMahon as one of his cabinet members. Although Linda McMahon fits the bill more given her expertise and experience.

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