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Watch Dogs 2 TV Series Reportedly Confirmed; Ubisoft Netflix Show Revealed by CEO

The monumental release of Watch Dogs 2 is turning some heads. It’s proving to be a better successor to Watch Dogs. However, it appears Ubisoft has big plans. Word on the grape vine has it that Watch Dogs 2 may actually get its own television series.

Ubisoft has been in the limelight recently for having talks with Netflix about a new television series. According to Reuters, the project itself has not been revealed yet. However, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed the news.

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This may stem from Ubisoft’s iteration of independence despite Vivendi’s moves for acquisition. The company has been increasing its stake in Ubisoft recently. It now holds 20-percent of its share, which makes it just a few percent away from making an offer.

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Watch Dogs 2: TV Series Plot?

Watch Dogs 2 television series may, in fact, focus on protagonist Marcus Halloway and his rather unknown past. His interactions with the hacking scene may lead up to the introduction of DedSec in the end of the series. This can make a good prequel for the rather elusive protagonist.

However, the series may also explore the mysterious DedSec and its roots. The hacktivist organization is a good branching point into the introduction of Watch Dogs 2‘s humorous yet serious world.

Ubisoft is known for its intricate storylines. Games such as Prince of PersiaSplinter Cell, and even Assassin’s Creed are met with critical acclaim.

The move towards a television series may have stemmed from the Assassin’s Creed film or a Rabbids television series. All of them are hit Ubisoft titles, which generated critical acclaim for their stories. A television series may make sense for Ubisoft, but it has to choose its games wisely.

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