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The Voice 2016 Judges Boycott Show if Miley Cyrus Stays – Why Do They Hate Her

The Voice 2016 judges are reportedly hating on co-judge Miley Cyrus. During the show’s 11th season, Adam Levine and Miley are constantly arguing on the set.

According to International Business Times, both artists have “short attention spans and are too similar, thereby finding each other annoying.”

The Animals singer finds the Wrecking Ball singer annoying every time the latter interrupts him when he is talking. And the 23-year-old singer interrupts him in the middle of his sentences because she wants to get on Adam’s nerves. Adam then fights back and nitpicks everything that Miley says.

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Adam is ecstatic when he finds out that Gwen Stefani will be back on season 12 to replace Miley. But Adam threatens to leave the show when he hears the announcement that Miley will be back on season 13.

Reports also indicate that other judges do not like Miley as a co-judge. Sources on the show said that Blake Shelton is not as enthusiastic as with the previous seasons when Gwen is still a coach.

In a report by HNGN, fans noticed that Blake is not the same as he was during season 10 when Gwen is still a judge. “When Gwen was a judge in Season 9, he was a ball of light and this year, that light simply went out,” HNGN wrote.

Even Alicia Keys expresses her dislike to the youngest mentor in the show. But there is no clear reason to the sour feelings.

Why Does The Voice 2016 Judges Hate Miley Cyrus?

Insiders of the show alleged that the judges feel that Miley is being too vulgar and does not reflect what the show is. They think that Miley is not a good role model for the younger generation of singers.

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All of these rumors are from sources and the coaches themselves have not issued their statements on the matter. It is not confirmed that The Voice 2016 judges Adam and Blake will leave the show if Miley will come back on season 13.

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