Rainbow Six Siege DLC

Rainbow Six Siege DLC: New Game Modes & Content Updates as Year 2 Confirmed

The last Rainbow Six Siege DLC — Operation Red Crow — is releasing later this month. On that note, some might start to worry that Ubisoft has no further plans for the tactical shooter. Well worry not, because the official twitter has confirmed that Year 2 is on its way.

As seen in the tweet above, the Rainbow Six Siege team more or less confirmed that another year’s worth of content is coming to the title.

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Rainbow Six Siege DLC: What to Expect

Ubisoft is still being quiet regarding any actual details for Year 2. But if they opt to follow Year 1’s structure, then we’re looking at four new expansion packs in the coming year. Each expansion will include one new map as well as two new operators — all of which is available free to all players. In addition to the map and operators, expansions will also have new weapons, cosmetics, and occasionally game modes.

The Season Pass for Year 1 will expire on December 1, 2016 according to the official website. So odds are Ubisoft will start selling a different Season Pass for Year 2.

While all the expansions from Year 1 were free, players with the Season Pass got early access to them as well as exclusive skins, discounts, and renown boosts. Odds are Ubisoft will have a similar model for the Year 2 Season Pass.

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Looking Back

Rainbow Six Siege had three expansion packs this past year with one more on the way.

Operation Black Ice, which came out in February, came with the icy Yacht map as well as the operators Buck and Frost. It also added the Spectator Camera, greatly improving the game’s competitive and esports scene.

The next expansion was Operation Dust Line, released in May. This expansion added the sandy Border map as well as the operators Blackbeard and Valkyrie. In addition to that, it added some cosmetic features in the form of charms and headgear as well as the ability to customize a player’s loadout in between rounds.

This was then followed up by Operation Skull Rain in August. This one gave players access to the Brazilian Favelas map as well as the operators Capitão and Caveira. In addition to that it also added a new anti-cheat software, a new game mode, a surrender option, and an improved HUD.

The last expansion is Operation Red Crow, and will release later this month. The final expansion will include the Japanese Skyscraper map and the two S.A.T. operators Echo and Hibana.

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