PS Plus December 2016
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PS Plus December 2016 Free Games: Saints Row 4, Gravity Rush Speculated to be Included

The arrival of the Holiday seasons only means one thing: free games! PlayStation fans are starting to guess the lineup for PS Plus December 2016 games. Rumors are luckily there to help them predict some of the games to appear in next month’s list.

Players are still enjoying this month’s offerings, but it seems a lot of them are already prepared to move on. Sadly, nothing’s official with the rumors.

A lot of players speculate that much of the free titles will more or less be fast-paced titles. This is given the number of games that are available for the taking in the Black Friday sale.

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This means hits such as Saints Row 4 and Gravity Rush are options for players. Fighting game enthusiasts may appreciate that Blazblue Chronophantasm has also made it to the list.

Saints Row 4: Re-Elected and Blazblue Chronophantasm Extend are already offered as this month’s titles for Region 3. A Gravity Rush 2 demo was already released last September 2016. According to PlayStation Blog Asia, this heightens the chance of the games being included in next month’s list.

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PS Plus December 2016: Holiday Discounts?

Blazblue Chronophantasm can be considered as the friendlier, more aesthetic version of Street Fighter. Its intricate RPG system allows for flexible character development. Meanwhile, Saints Row 4 Re-Elected is an open world game where open worlds are too filled with DLCs of mayhem.

Gravity Rush 2 is a fast-paced racing game that involves state-of-the-art vehicles. This is quite the odd inclusion as Gravity Rush 2 is currently offered as a demo. Regardless, a free demo can afford good ratings and reviews.

However, players may also want to stand by for Holiday discounts that may be available by the time the Holidays come in. The next set of PS Plus games may arrive with other games at discounted prices.

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